Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Holiday Release at C.C. Designs

Yes, I know it's hard to think holiday already.  But I have to share these new stamps from CCDesigns that are now available.  Might as well get on board!  We slipped in some golf ones too for those that refuse to think holiday.
We think you will enjoy the Tee Border for that simple card for the golfer in your life or even a scrapbook page.  It is very versatile in use.  Capture the essence of golfing with the Golf Clubs and make it a featured image on a card.  I know you can come up with some lovely ideas!  

Ready to whip out those Christmas cards?  This Christmas Tree would work perfect.  Color it up or do a simple embossed card with added glitter or Nuvo Crystal drops!  Bam!  Done!!  If you need some coloring therapy you will want to grab the Angel and the Holiday Treats stamp.  Check out what DT member Barb did with the Holiday Treats stamp...you will swoon!  Check it Out HERE

Not ready to plan out Christmas cards?  Well get ready to make a Turkey card for that special Turkey in your life...everyone knows one!  Check out the large Trees Silhouette background stamp!  This can be used for a fall background as well as a winter background.  Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless.  Oh how about embossing with sparkly glitter and adding a unicorn stamp in the foreground?  This could also be an underwater scene background...told you to use your imagination!! What would you do with it?

All stamps are available NOW!

Sunday, July 16, 2017


...and Action!

You can do WHAT with Various Refills?!!?!!?  Yes, mad scientist at work again!
This is take-two of the original piece of artwork my 2 year daughter and I were making.  The glossy white tile below was created by dropping drops of the Various Refill randomly onto the piece of tile and then using air from the airbrush system to blow it around (you can simply blow on it as well but don't get too light-headed).  Once we were happy with it we spritzed it with the Various Blender Solution and watched the magic happen.  Yes, you could leave it as is and it is a beautiful piece of artwork.  If you want to use it as a coaster you will want to seal it first with a UV varnish.  

So I was challenged to do something creative using the Various refills and could have stopped there...but NO that wouldn't be me...I MUST take it a bit farther.  So I decided to play.

Filling my (new) "water-brush" with Colorless Blender I began to brush in (or remove ink) to form a design.  Can you see where i am going with this?  As these tiles are extremely slick and glossy the ink just runs away with no place to go.  Gets crazy really fast.  I haven't played with Yupo paper yet but wonder if its similar.

Next comes the scary part.  Oh yes, I just did that!  Look at the red drops of the Various Refill dropped onto the art piece, is it savable?  Well worst case scenario I wipe off the whole tile and start over.  So heck what is there to lose.

Using the Alcohol brush I started to daub the color into place.  Remember the ink has a mind of its own on glossy tiles so you kind of have to be okay with whatever happens.  I showed this to my husband and he said "hey thats a nice squid"...errr, ummmm, yah okay...not what I was going for.  I keep working at it until I was okay with how it looked.  If you just move the ink around and don't clean off the alcohol brush tip the color is richer.  If you wipe off the alcohol brush in between stroke it will be more of an eraser with attitude.

I called it quits when the shapes were clear enough to say that I see a rooster, or a cock-a-doo as I daughter calls them.  At least it doesn't look like a squid!  Please tell me it doesn't look like a squid.

I will be sure to seal this before too long to protect it from scratching.  I might actually cover it with resin but that will be take-three.  Wouldn't this be a fun thing to do multiples of for a gift set for a friend?  How about a holiday set?  I would love to see what you create with Various Refills or tiles.  

Products Used:
Zig Medium Water Brush (with blending solution)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Copic Must Haves - Juicy News!

If you missed my last post you will not want to miss this one.  YES...juicy news!!  Copic now has another nib for the Sketch marker!  You asked for it and you got it...a fine nib!
I created this card for Imagination International Inc using the Copic Sketch Fine nib for an advertisement in a magazine.  I think it was used in Cardmakers magazine.  Does anyone have a copy?  Take a look and tell me if it's in there...better yet can you send me a photo of the advertisement? 

I drew this design using a Multiliner and then colored it in using the new Copic Sketch Fine nib.  Some of the details in the orange slices were created with the Fine nib.  I thought I would would get creative and with a ruler I created the design in the background with the Imagination International Inc logo.  I thought it would be a subtle way to do a background design and incorporate the logo.  Did you know the logo was an iii?

If you want to create this card, or something else, here is the drawing and sentiment I created.   If you print it twice you can use some of the slices popped up to create dimension.  

 Please do not share but rather point your friends to this post so they can enjoy the info as well as the image. - thank you

You have got to try these new nibs!  If you already have them you know they make dotting super easy.  Show me what you have created!


Background - YR23 B02 YR09
Oranges - YR09 YR07 YR04 Y13 Y15 Y38
Orange Shadow - B0000 B000 B00

Friday, July 14, 2017


THE MADNESS!  Okay I am really...no, I mean REALLY stepping out of the box here.  You know that empty marker that Copic has in their lineup of markers?  Well I thought I would do some experiments with it.  I know it's there to make your own colors or creating an existing color just using the various refills.  I thought I would put my imagination to the test and see what other wonderful things can be done with this marker.
Image - Jim Henson Muppets

The first experiment was a slight failure.  I will only say failure because i didn't have more time to really play with the idea, I still think there is a way to make this work.   I wanted a brush tip to "paint" with coffee.  Paint with coffee you ask?  Yes, taking instant coffee and adding water and painting with it to give an old vintage, earthy look.  I have done this before with a paint brush and it's yummy.  Well why not use a Copic Sketch Empty?  The consistency was just too thin and would just blob out of the marker tip.  I haven't given up on this idea.  I think if i can thicken it up a bit it would work...maybe add glycerin?  My science beakers are all put away at the moment...mwahahahaha.  Maybe some day....so off to the next experiment.

The next thing I thought of was...wait for it....

How about creating my own white pen.  We are always in search for that perfect white pen.  I can not say this is it 100%...yet...but its a work in progress and a good start.  The good news is it works!!

I had some Copic Comic Super White (similar to the Copic Opaque).  It is a water-based product that can easily be applied using a paint brush or stylus.  But I wanted something I could just uncap and go.  The Copic Comic Super White I had on my shelf has sat for a long while, so when I opened it up I discovered it had dried out.  But that was okay because it's water-based and by adding water and stirring it was just as good as new.  The challenge is getting it to the correct consistency to pour into the marker end and not be too thin that it pours out the other end and thin enough to allow it to flow to the nib of the marker.  At first it was too thick with the initial pour into the marker.  I added a few drops of water to thin it out an then it just wanted to come out of the brush tip end in drops....I let it sit on its side a bit and then BAM it started working for me.  I was able to create this small 5 x 7 mini artwork.  

So for this artwork I colored on a piece of the new Sketchbook paper with a black (100) Copic Wide marker.  Then I started to create!

Now my next concern was that it would dry out in the marker as it's not good with being exposed to air....I was right. It started to clog the nib a bit but I wasn't going to be defeated!  I gently massaged the brush nib with water and it started to work again.  Although a bit more thinned out it has continued to work even on day 4 of this experiment.  That's great news.  I will continue to work with it some more in hopes I can get the white to be a little less opaque.  I do notice that the more layers I apply using the "white" marker, that darker and less transparent the white areas get.

 I do love the end results.  What do you think?
Okay, that is the full story of my moment of madness (which are frequent)....I hope you give this or another fun idea a try with the empty Copic Markers!  I want to see what you do.

Copic Comic Super White
Empty Sketch Marker
Copic Wide Markers
Copic Sketchbook

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Summer Time - New Copic Nibs

Thought I would share another card using the Copic Sketch Fine nibs.  I used it to create the sand and the clouds for this card.  I love the consistency of the dotted patterns they produce.  They are quite easy to change it out.  If you want to be frugal and just pull out the chisel nib (Medium Broad nib) and place it in a baggie, you can replace it with the fine nib and then when you need the chisel end again you just pull out the fine nib and put place the chisel in again.  Simple as that.  

I use my chisel tips quite a bit for the airbrush system.  If you don't use an airbrush system and don't feel its in your immediate future then this is a perfect permanent tip replacement.  Whatever you do though...do not try the airbrush system because you will want one!!!  I love mine and use it a lot!!

Image from Saturated Canary (discontinued)

E50 E51 E21 BV20 BV23
B000 B00 B0000
E42 E43 E44
B91 B95
R24 R29 R59

How many of you have already tried the new nibs?  How much do you love them?  I would love to see what you have created!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ree-deeep - New Nibs Must Haves

I got to play with the new Copic Sketch fine nibs....and what fun I had.  I can still hear the sound in my head of me repeating to myself,  "dot, dot, dot, dot" as I placed dots on this card.  The fine nib will give you small dots that are a slight bit more even then if you were to use the Copic Brush nib.  So for all those that were waiting for it...IT IS FINALLY HERE!  See, Imagination International Inc. does listen to your pleas!
I will tell you though...I still love my brush nibs for flicking.  I also prefer to not change out my nibs as I use both the brush and the chisel on a regular basis.  So what am I going to do?  Well buy some Copic's specifically for the Fine nibs.  I will most likely do some for earth tones.  So if you are looking for a nib replacement option...look no further!

For this card I specifically used the fine nib for the shading of the clouds and the earth beneath this little cuties feet.  Easy and had a very cool effect!

You can replace your Sketch chisel nib with the fine nib if you do not use the airbrush system then this might be the perfect thing for you.  Remember to pick up the handy-dandy Copic tweezers though so it makes it easier to pull out your nibs when it comes time to refill.

I would love to hear what you think of the Copic fine nibs after you have had a chance to play with them so make sure you come back and let me know!


YR02 04 07 09
E42 43 44
YG03 17 67
E50 51 21 93
BV20 E04
YG23 27
E25 27
B91 95 97 99

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fun in the Sun

I just couldn't get enough of creative color placement fun,  so I thought I would combine the small Sand Castle by DoveArt Studios with little Wikoli from LMMS.  I love the color combo of the blue and the orange-red together.  The sand castle was super easy to color allowing me to spend extra time on little Wikoli who is just "hangin' loose" on the beach with his feet in the water.  I created the water over his feet just by adding some blue flicks of color over the skin tones.  Quick and easy!   Just don't add too much blue flicks over the skin tones or you will end up with green water instead of blue...a little goes a long way.   I love combining images with stamps!

Small Sand Castle - DoveArt Studios (also comes in a large size)

I used what would be the scraps from the Lawn Fawn Puffy Cloud Border die set to create the waves.    How cute is that?


Hair E43 E44 E49
Sand W1 W3 W5 E31
Skin E50 E51 E21 E23 BV20
Eyes B14 B16
Clothes C1 C3 C5
Sky/Water BG0000 B000 B91 B93
Clothes R02 R08 R14

Friday, July 7, 2017

Sand in Your....

Did you miss me?  I took a little time last week to play with the new releases from Little Miss Muffet Stamps.  These digital images just make me the happiest when I get to add on the little sweet faces.  It's a mini blank canvas.  I combined this Wendi digi to one of the DoveArt Studios stamp line Beach Front.  Its quite easy to stamp or print (twice) your foreground image, and then mask it off (with the extra cut out image) and then stamp the DoveArt Studios stamp over the mask.   Here she is all colored up.

Want to see what she looked like before?
All I did was creatively placed my Copic ink to portray her eyes, nose and mouth.  Creative Color Placement!  Have you tried this yet?

You can find her here Polka Dot Pal Wendi
DoveArt Studios rubber stamp here Beach Front


BG32 BG15 BG49
C1 C3 C5 C9 100
E31 E57
BG0000 BG10
G24 G94 G99
E40 E42
BV20 BV23
B21 B24 B26
E50 E51 E21 E04

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Warm-weather Friend

Another warm weather friend for you today...but I wouldn't give it a hug.  This tall Cactus is a fun one to color.  I did the background using glossy cardstock and the Copic airbrush system.  It is a fun way to make paper that coincides with the stamp you are coloring.  Of course I had to top it off with a little Copper Penny Nuvo Crystal drops.
I love using tip-to-pallet technique to bring a second color into the coloring that normally might not blend well together.  For this one I added a little R89 with the YG03 to add color to the tips of one of the cactus clusters.  Just don't forget to clean off theR89 from the YG03 before putting it away or you will have a surprise next use.

This card is another fun image we will color in the July class at The Paper Collage!

YG03 YG95 G99 
YG03 YG17 YG67
E08 E47


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Southwest Mountains

This is a similar view when you visit parts of Arizona.  The red rocks jutting out of the ground like some mars landscape.  The heat radiating up and drying you to the core.   I wish i could enjoy the beauty from the inside of a air conditioned bubble...oh wait I can....DONT get out of your car.  It is a sight to see though.  This stamp is now available through C.C.Designs.
I love adding purples or blues over oranges and reds.  It really give a pretty accent to colors.  Don't think you can't add crazy colors in almost the "normal" to give it that special touch.

By request this stamp will be colored up by the attendees in my July class in Arizona (go figure)

Southwest Mountains - CCDesigns

E33 E47
W1 W3 W5
E08 R89
YG03 YG95 G99

Smell of the Ocean

Living most of my life on the coast, this brings back so many fond memories.  I lived in Oregon, on the coast in Eureka, CA., and in Dutch Harbor, AK...now I live in the hot desert of Arizona (what was I thinking?).  I am definitely a coastal girl at heart and look forward  to the sound of the seagulls and the crashing of the waves with the sand between my toes and that smell of salty kelp that is drying in the wind.  For now I can dream (and color up images) of the sea.
This stamp from C.C. Designs "Beach Front" is now available.  Those taking my class in July will get a little taste of the DoveArt Studios line of stamps.

Wanna hear about a new all time favorite glue?  Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive is an ultra tacky glue that worked perfect for this project.  It glued down the cheese cloth, paper ships wheel, rope and the mica!  It is very tacky and I am super thrilled!  Be sure and give it a try.  My new go-to glue!!

E08 R89
W1 W3 W5
YG95 G99

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bridge Over Water

I love this stamp (from C.C. Designs).  It is a very calming scenery.  I can almost hear the water trickling under the bridge in the stamp Bridge Over Water.  It is a quick and easy image to color and makes a great feminine or masculine card depending on the colors chosen for the paper.
Trees with details are so easy to color.  Keep in mind you want to keep a highlight to separate the "clusters" of the different positions of the leaf areas to give the illusion of depth.  Literally this is just a bunch of fat smooshy dots places over the detail of the stamp, semi-blending from dark to light.  This could be a beautiful fall image by just changing the color of the foliage in the trees too.

This is a card in the upcoming card class for July at The Paper Collage.

Stamp:  DoveArt Studios Bridge Over Water

W1 W3 W5
YG03 YG17 YG67
YG95 G99

Sunday, June 18, 2017

X-Press It Adhesive Sheet fun

So I left you off last post with my favorite Sketchbook and a project I had started.  Here is what I did with the image when I was done.
I have done this micro bead cover-all once before on a Christmas card.  Although it was a heavy card when it was done, I loved the results.  I thought I would try it again for this project.  Micro beads are tiny little hole-less beads that can come in a variety of colors.  I have had some in my stash for a while and thought I would use some up.  Using clear ones make any colored image glimmer. 

I cut the image down to the size I wanted for the frame I was going to use.  Using an X-Press It Adhesive sheet I covered the front of the image.  The adhesive sheet is double-sided so one side sticks to the project and you can apply glitter or micro beads or any other fun thing to the exposed sticky side.  This Adhesive sheet work well for laminating too.  Because of the strong hold I knew it would hold all those tiny beads.

In short all you do is peel one side and stick to the desired surface....then peel the other side and apply the glitter or micro beads.

Here is the project finished.  So simple and gives the image that little somethin' for a wow.  Whether you are doing a tiny project or a big project Copic has them in all sorts of sizes.

Close up

You can find all the sizes including a roll of the product  HERE at Imagination International Inc.

I went back into the deep depth of my blog (scary actually), and found some other projects that would have been perfect for this project!  Have you ever tried adding sand to a project?  A lot of glues won't work well...but I bet the Adhesive sheet would have been fabulous!

Here are two more micro bead projects for inspiration too

What are some projects you have done with Adhesive Sheets?

 I want some more fun ideas to store up in my brain for next time.

Until next time!

Jenn Dove

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Copic Must Haves - Sketchbook

I mean for reals...this is a must have!  I love my Copic Sketchbooks.  Why?  What makes them awesome you ask?  Let me tell you what I love them!
They come in different sizes, the small one is perfect for the art on-the-go and the larger ones are great for nice sized, framable artwork.  The paper is smooth and the perfect thickness to hold layers of ink (although I still put a scrap paper between sheets for possible bleed-through).  The paper is a nice weight to go through a printer if desired.
Have you worked on paper that is not a tight, compressed weave?  When you ink it, the ink will travel in the weave of the paper fibers leaving a not-so-crisp impression...this is not the case with the Sketchbooks.  The ink stays where you place it.  For inking and coloring with markers you want that compressed paper.  For watercolor and other mediums you want the softer papers that allow the medium to travel.
I thought I would do some playing around for a project I was working on.  I drew this Fuchsia cluster using my pencil and then once satisfied I inked it with the Cool Gray Multiliner.  Normally I would just color it in the Sketchbook, but I needed to preserve the original image for future use, so I scanned and printed it and then colored the printed version up.  Now I have the original safely in the Sketchbook for future use.
A lot of research was done to find the highest-quality Japanese illustration paper.  It has 50 sheets in each size Sketchbook.  It comes with a very nice thick cover so you can use it as backing to draw on and also protect your projects.  This uncoated paper is 70# with a very smooth surface.  Because if its slight warm tone it allows for very bright and vivid coloring

You can find the Sketchbook in a plethora of sizes at Imagination International Inc., or ask for it at your local art store.

What will you create using this yummy paper?  Come back and see what I did with my drawing.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


With the heat in Phoenix (yes, I am complaining) I would love for a little shade and an outdoor cup to sit in...make that a big cup.   Speaking of cups this one was fun to color and add a little dimension too.  Just by simple placing the colors down with highlight an shadows in each area gives the flat object a more round appearance.  Give it a try!  Pick up the stamp from Stampendous called Whisper Bath and color her up!

C1 C3 C5
R81 R85
E50 E51
YG03 YG17 YG67
B000 B01 B02
E42 E44

....this image reminds me of home.  So I couldn't finish this post without sharing some of my family.  My mom and dad live in Northern California.  They have build a wonderful oasis amongst the redwood trees of which they call home.  After building the house they built a deck that is built around the trees and an outdoor bathhouse right by moms art studios.  Dad always has a project going which is one of the reasons he remains so spry.  So here are a few peeks into a place I love.

Cousins in the mini pool...tub (love you CUZ)

A walk amongst the giants

Studios behind bath house

The green house

One of Dads many gifts is to see beauty in junk and make it into something.  Creating a calming peaceful surrounding that you never want to leave.  My dad is a dreamer that can turn a dream into reality.  Of course he isn't alone in this artistic expression...my mom takes it all to a totally new level. They make an amazing team now for a total of 47 years!  Much admiration!